1. A cruise is a hassle-free vacation.

On a cruise, you pack and unpack only once. There's no driving around, looking for your hotel, or wondering where you should eat next. The cruise experience minimizes your concerns, melts away your stress and maximizes your actual vacation time.

2. A cruise takes you away from it all.

When you are on a cruise, it's completely different. Smog, pollution, stress, traffic, alarm clocks, ringing telephones, social media - these are not what a cruise is all about. Cruises are instead about water, sea, sky, and landscape- the simple things that touch us so deeply.

3. You're pampered like nowhere else

Breakfast in bed, lounging on deck, soaking in a hot tub, afternoon tea, perhaps champagne and caviar, and the most ever-present and gracious service you're ever likely to experience; these are rare in our everyday life but commonplace on a cruise.

4. You can do it all - or nothing at all.

Most cruises provide a vast series of choices, the kind that enable you to pick, choose, or pass up as you wish. Your day might start with a morning exercises on deck, yoga in the gym, or dance lessons in the lounge, followed by breakfast. After eating, maybe it;s a cooking class or a port lecture. You might choose to watch a new movie or learn a new sport - and all this before lunch. But no one will pressure you. You can sleep in until noon or snooze in a deck chair. It's all up to you. The level of planned activities also varies from ship to ship and from cruise line to cruise line. People who like plenty of things going on can certainly find a cruise that fits the bill. On the other hand, more independent types can select a cruise that features a very relaxed experience with very little structure.

5. You can sample a broad geographic area.

A cruise usually covers a vast area, stopping at the most interesting places along the way. This is why the majority of cruisers considers a cruise vacation to be a good way to sample spots that they want to return to later for a more in-depth vacation. A number of destinations are in fact best visited via a ship. Some examples include Alaska, the Caribbean, the Mediterranean, the islands off Southeast Asia and the fjords of Norway.

6.Cruises offer a huge variety of events, activities and meals.

See a show. Snooze lazily by the pool. Jog. Learn. Swim. Shop. Dine indoors or out, casual or elegant, seven times a day if you want. Explore a port or stay onboard. Cruises these days are about choice. Of course, the size and "personality" of the ship determine what choices you'll have, but you'll almost surely find it impossible to be bored on a cruise.

7. It's easy to make friends on a cruise.

Meeting new people on a cruise is simple. Opportunities to socialize are seemingly endless. Many of the people you meet will share your interests; that you chose the same ship, cruise, and destinations assure it. And some of these friendships may endure well beyond the cruise.

8. Cruises represent a safe travel experience.

In an age when crime or terrorism happens far too easily, a cruise represents one of the safest vacation choices available. The ship's environment is highly managed. Anything out of the ordinary is swiftly noted. Passage onto and off the ship is strictly controlled. Professionals often check the vessel's hull while in port - even underwater. Luggage is scanned. And vessels have safety and construction features that make problems very unlikely.

9. Great value of the money.

When you compare what you get for your cruise dollar to what you' pay for a similiar land-based vacation, you quickly discover that a cruise is a remarkable bargain. Because consumers regularly rate cruises higher than any other vacation choices, a cruise's value becomes keenly apparent.

10. There's a cruise that can satisfy virtually anyone.

As you've no doubt concluded by now, just about everyone - families, singles, clubs, church groups, young people, old, people, lovers of sports, lovers of knowledge, and more - can find a cruise to be fulfilling. Few other vacation experiences can make that claim.

It often seems that there are as many motives to cruise as there are people. Sometimes, the reason is pure curiosity. Other times, it's because of a family member or friend's recommendation or other types of word-of-mouth advise. Perhaps it's simply to fulfill a dream or fantasy. Or as simple as to get away from a cold winter.

Below are the top reasons why most people decide to cruise.