Independent Packages

Everyday around the world, there is always something happening! No matter how you want to see the world, Travelwise can take you there. Whether you want to travel across an entire country, dive into a local culture, or come to know one of the world's greatest cities, we have the travel experience that's right for you.

Leisurely and attraction filled itineraries that ensures you are immersed in each destination with access to Tour Leader/ Local Guide
These collection of tours offers an inclusive look at each destination. From marveling at the must-see's to becoming a part of new cultures to exploring on your own, these itineraries offer an inspiring and easy way to travel.

Explore the world with Like-Minded People

Choose to see the world on your own
When you travel, you don;t want to have every moment of your vacation scheduled for you. It's your vacation from everyday life and schedules... and you deserve the freedom to explore on your own, the time to browse and shop as you like and the leisure to relax and enjoy a glass of wine at a sidewalk cafe. These types of itineraries are built for freedom, so you can make your vacation exactly what you want it to be!

Escorted Land Tours